The Sisters

The Sisters

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sarah: "You Have No Idea What This Means To Me."

Alright. Alright. Alright.
Heeeeyyyy fam! Word on the street is that my twista brosta cuz cuz has made himself home! Yaaahooooo! Congratulations Danny. I feel like i am bout one million years behind you. One day i'll see you again in person. Thanks for the e-mails. You are so awesome. I also hear that it is ELSIE'S B-DAY TODAY! AND SUS AND GUS'S WEDDING FIESTA!! That is so cool. Happy Birthday Elsie baby. HOpe YOur day is amazing Sus and Gus. thank you for your example of eternal marriage. Thank you for loving and supporting me and my family and showing us how its done! Thank you! I love you all so much!
So this week was interesting. Yes. My first week with my new companion. She is quite the driven little soul. She is studying Journalism and Cinema studies at NYU. Her mom passed away three years ago from Cancer. Her parents were divorced before that so she has a Dad and a step mom and 9 step siblings. She has a huge passion for Missionary work and inspires me every day to keep it posi. She takes rejection really well and has helped me to see it differently. I really appreciate her example. She heads home in August. She is determined to work hard until the end. I am determined to be a good missionary. She lives her life by the white hand book and is very much a letter of the law type of person. I am impressed by her determination  and her ability to beat herself up when she feels like she has "broken" one of the rules. -of course she has not but she likes to be hard on herself. I really appreciate her. She could not be more different from Sister DeLeon but all this adds to experience.
I am growing a lot. The dog lady Jackie was baptized this last Sunday. The spirit was so strong. I was blessed to see her go through the whole conversion process. I really love her. when she went into the bathroom to change after she was baptized, she put her head in the towel and started to cry and said "you have no idea how much this means to me". It was absolutely inspiring to me. what a cool thing that the elders have had to change her life. I love her for letting me share a part of it with her.
We are looking for new people to teach every day. We get rejected constantly and we are constantly trying to improve our Spanish. I love the Spanish language. I never feel like its a burden to learn it. It makes me so scared sometimes but i love it. I love it because that is a time when i can see the lord helping me, help other people.
Well hope y'all are having fun with your rain and snow. Its about one billion degrees here every day. I am going to need to get new shoes here because my shoes get worn out extremely fast. I am surprised. Thank you for all of your love and support. Lolly i love you! Thank you for your letter and your talks. I miss ya tons. Hopefully i can catch up on some letters today so expect letters soon....i hope :) I love you all. Don't forget it!
Hna. Sorensen

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