The Sisters

The Sisters

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sarah Cate: It was a big week for me...

Aight family! Happy B-day Jessica and Calder and Kate!!! ITS GOING TO BE DADDY'S DAY SOON. SO I LOVE YOU DAD!!
How do i sum up everything that has happened. Well nothing too life changing for the outside world but for me, it was a big week. Personally: emotionally. I have been informed that my spelling needs to improve. Meg said, and I quote "its horrible". I die inside when i think about all my mistakes posted on the internet....on "the blog" that exists in the great unknown out there.
This week i received some of the most amazing encouragement. I can tell mom has been talking to a lot people. I love vicariously living through who my mother has talked to. I can tell what she has talked to them about by the things these people write me. I am blessed to have a mother that loves me and is concerned with my well being.  I am also blessed to have many people who love me in this world. I felt that this week. I have been considering many options on my mission with how to proceed forward. I have had many thoughts of self-doubt and of my capabilities on my mission. This week I had an interview with my president and I explained several things I was feeling to him. God blessed me with a great mission president. God knew I would need a president who is much like my family, who will give it to me straight and who will push me to be my best. I felt so much better about things after  my interview. An ever-constant thing on the mission is change. I am not a big fan. He told me that I will be leaving this area after this transfer. (if I didn't, I would have to be in Del Rio for 7 1/2 months and that does not fly.)
The next day we had a Zone Conference about being more believing. It was down in Eagle Pass so we went down there for the day. I loved it. It made me so happy. It was like a spiritual pep rally. I loved it so much. La frontera rocks. I just want to say that much. I am sorry i don't write y'all back faster. I am truly working on it. Its extremely difficult to explain anything about the mission I've decided. Its becoming harder to describe to people the "day in the life" of missionaries because its a lot of the same. Every day is an emotional journey but all good.
Jackie, our dog lady, was confirmed a member of the church yesterday. It was very beautiful. She explained that she doesn't need the elders to come visit her any more. We were  absolutely elated when we heard that because it meant that she has a relationship with the lord and not with the missionaries. Its gonna be hard to leave her. I love her a lot. But, life is full of hard things and things we don't want to do. We have to do them. Life is hard and its time I got over it.
I guess just because i don't have anything remarkable to share or anything cool. just my feelings and my emotions. I apologize. The work is going though. Here is some insight into some of the wonderful people we've met. There is a "less active" family (not active at all) in the branch. It's just a husband and a wife. They are the Von Weerd family. I absolutely love and adore them. Both are returned missionaries. He has his entire body covered in tattoos and grows his facial hair out like Peter.  He reminds me a lot of Peter actually....if Peter were to have forgotten all about his mission and done a lot of hard core drugs and really burnt himself out and then decided to come back to the church. :) No, I think its his eyes. He has the same eyes as Pete Pete. I think I love going over to talk to them because I feel like I'm talking to family. They know what is right. Well ANYWAYS, we met them earlier in the week and they had signed up to feed us (they have never fed the missionaries before) and they canceled. We were going over to check if everything is ok. They both have really crazy bipolar so they get very emotional...not in the tears....well she does but he gets angry and has blinding rage. They help to balance each other out.....sometimes. Well we set up another time to eat at their house and to pick them up out of their "funk."  They've even started to joke around with the Elders. Some of their stunts are pretty funny. We'll just keep working with them. 
Nothing else too crazy going on here. I love the children in both of our Branches here. I have several friends I've made in the 7 and younger category. They are life-long friends. They pinky swore it to me! I will miss them the most.
I love you all so much. Thank you for your love and support. Don't ever forget how much i love you!   
Hermana Sorensen

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